53 Inch Microfiber Flat Mop | Machine Washable Hardwood Floor Dry and Wet Mop | Reusable, Sturdy, Lightweight by QJQBMAI (Green)

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Color: Green

Color: Green    Weight: 2.2 lb      

Width:18 in       length: 53 in

Material: Stainless steel & aluminum

Mop: 2 FREE Premium Microfiber Cloths!


1. Unique velcro structure: Add four Velcro to the edge to ensure that the mop does not fall.

2. Time saver: 18" professional microfiber mops can quickly clean the entire room, saving time and enjoying life.

3. Eco-friendly:  Our high quality microfiber mops are machine washable and reusable. Reduce waste and protect the environment, if you are willing to do something for the earth.

4. Sturdy structure: Heavy duty swivel, 360°maneuverability designed for everyday use.As you can see in the picture 4.

5. Soft TPR material edging: Protect walls or furniture from damage.Such details can make a difference.Hope you like it!

Mop usage guidance

1.Wet use

Wet the mop cloth with water under the faucet

Wring-out any excess water

Re-attach the cloth to the mop head

Proceed to mop and clean your floors

2.Dry use

Push in a single direction 

for effective dust pick up

Clean multiple surfaces

And scrap off dust

Remember to clean the mop cloth after cleaning!

  • Time saver- 18" professional microfiber mops can quickly clean the entire room, saving time and enjoying life.Professional quality, great for cleaning the home or office.
  • Detail design- Unique velcro structure, Soft TPR material edging, Comfortable handle, Solid structure, 360° rotation and more. Details determine product qualit
  • Deep Cleaning- Versatile microfiber pad allows you to use wet for a deeper clean to shine your floors or use dry for dusting your floors Hard. All machine washable for multiple reuse.
  • Superb Material Quality - Our floor mop is built to last with durable stainless steel handle, aluminum mop frame, and high grade ABS plastic.
  • Product Warranty- Powerful After-service Each QJQBMAI customer can enjoy 30 days refund and replacement warranty. Risk-free guarantee provides a reliable purchasing experience to you.What are you waiting for? Add to cart Now!
Height0 inches
Length 0 inches
Weight0.0243 pounds
Width 0 inches
Height0.03 inches
Length 0.2 inches
Weight0.023 pounds
Width 0.055 inches

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