Animal Cable bite Protector

Category: Wireless Phone Accessory
Store Name: Shez Shenx Tech
Brand: RODO Gazelle
Cable animal protector buddies 6 pack 1 unicorn, 1 dragon, 1 whale glow in the dark 1 shark, 1 frog, 1 hippo these work for the cable on the iphone, ipad and may work on some micro andriod cables
  • These are fit to use on the iphone or ipad charging cable MAY work on some android micro cables
  • This cute animal bit fits over the charging cable and are excellent for preventing cable breakage most often seen
  • Fun for the whole family and a great way to distinguish each family members charging cord
  • The glow in the dark animal makes it easy to find in the dark when you are looking for your charging cord
  • 100% money back guaranteed if not fully satisfied
Height0.005 inches
Length 0.07 inches
Weight0 pounds
Width 0.06 inches
Height0.01 inches
Length 0.055 inches
Weight0.001 pounds
Width 0.04 inches

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