Aromatherapy Bamboo Vinegar Foot Pads - Natural & Organic Ingredients, Relieve Stress, Sleep Better, Remove Impurities - FDA Approved Upgraded Version 2 in 1 Adhesive Patch (36)

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Do you suffer from insomnia? Poor sleep?

Do you suffer from stress and anxiety?

Do you work out? Do you suffer from muscle soreness? Body aches?

Do you feel a lack of energy and constant brain fog?

You might need to cleanse your body from toxins.

We get exposed to hundreds of toxins that affect our bodies in various ways, and there is a constant need to get rid of these toxins.

Try our innovative rose & lavender aromatherapy infused foot detox pads today and reap the benefits:

Better, deeper sleep

► Stress and tension relief

► Muscle soreness and body ache relief

Improved blood circulation

► Toxin and odor detox overnight

► Elevated energy levels and overall better mood

► Promotes metabolic health

► Supports Immune system

Our pads are FDA approved, manufactured with 100% natural ingredients and easy to use! Just place the adhesive pad on the middle of your foot overnight, and in the morning peel it off and rinse.

Try our Detox Pads and see what everybody is raving about! Improve your overall well-being with the Aromatherapy detox foot patches.

*For the best results: Use patch before sleeping, wipe down your foot before placing the adhesive foot patch on.

  • 👣 THE HEALTHY FOOT DETOX PADS EVERYBODY IS RAVING ABOUT- FDA approved, safe & effective, our foot pads are designed to promote natural, healthy detox with no harmful chemicals. Each foot pad contains pure bamboo vinegar extract, vitamin C, dextrin and tourmaline. Experience better sleep, increased energy, stress relief, a stronger immune system, pain and ache relief and sharper mental function. Cleanse your body and remove any toxins overnight.
  • 👣 BAMBOO VINEGAR IS THE ACTIVE INGREDIENT IN OUR DETOX FOOT PADS- Bamboo vinegar is known to eliminate foot odor, soften the skin, relieve itching and insect bites and improve blood circulation. Wood vinegar, in general, is used to support whole-body well-being. Bamboo vinegar is a powerful natural remedy for discomfort. The pads bring nutrients to deep tissues, soften the skin and assist in the discharge of unnecessary waste matter and toxins from the human body.
  • 👣 GET RESTFUL SLEEP WITH OUR FOOT DETOX PADS- Our foot pads are formulated with 100% natural and organic ingredients that can help soothe your body and mind and include lavender aromatherapy that is known as a sleep agent. The bamboo vinegar aromatherapy infused foot detox pads encourage better circulation, improve cognitive relaxation and promote deeper, healthy sleep. Try our pads today for better rest.
  • 👣 TRY OUR AROMATHERAPY FOOT PADS FOR STRESS, AND PAIN RELIEF- The natural materials in our pads will help elevate any tension and soreness in your muscles and soothe the body by letting go of any anxiety and stress and replenishing energy. Foot Pads are used in body relief methods for thousands of years. We pair rose and lavender with our bamboo vinegar footpad that is well known for its ability to reduce stress and anxiety, eliminate nervous tension, relieve pain, & enhance blood circulation.
  • 👣 ADVANCED 2 IN 1 ADHESIVE PATCH EASY TO REMOVE WITH NO RESIDUE- Unlike other low-grade foot pads that separate the adhesive and the patches, our adhesive-included foot pad is made with an advanced adhesive that Is designed to stay in place all night long and easily removed the next day w/o leaving any residue. Merely pull lightly any edge & remove the pad quickly. After removing the pad, there will be no glue left, and you can wear socks or any shoe without worrying about dirt and stickiness.
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