Arteza 12" Triangular Architect Scale Aluminum Color-Coded Grooves (Imperial)

Category: Office Product
Store Name: Arteza
Every design deserves the quality and precision that the Arteza Triangular Architect Scale Ruler can provide. Constructed of high-grade anodized aluminum this ruler provides a lightweight and durable feel making it easy to use for any project. It's professional-grade, measures 12 inches in length, and features three sides with six different scales. With 3 different color grooves you are able to quickly and accurately select the desired scale without confusion.

achieve the precision your work deserves. The Arteza Scale Ruler is the perfect tool for any architect, draftsman, engineer, or student.

You have come to expect the best form Arteza and thats exactly what you get with the Arteza Triangular Architect Scale. Reliable construction and accurate performance. Let the all-in-one Arteza 12" Triangular Architect Scale Ruler be your instrument for the most optimal accuracy and precision on your next project.

  • One 12" Triangular Architect's ruler features 3 sides with 6 different scales
  • Professional grade for supreme accuracy
  • Color-coded grooves for quick and accurate selection of the desired scale
  • Made from high grade anodized aluminum
  • Imperial Scale: 1-1/2", 1, 3/4", 3/8", 3/16", 3/32", 1/2" 1/4", 1/8", 3, 16
Height0.1496 inches
Length 0.0098 inches
Weight0.0015 pounds
Width 0.0276 inches
Height0.002 inches
Length 0.148 inches
Weight0.0025 pounds
Width 0.026 inches

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