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Deciduous Teeth Treatment Tethods:

1.Deciduous tooth replacement.When the baby grows to 6 years old deciduous teeth began to fall, the specific time varies.
2.Teeth retention.Remember to bring your teeth back when you take your child to tooth extraction, and it makes a lot of sense.
3.Deciduous sterilization.Put the teeth into the pot after boiling for 5 minutes to achieve the sterilization effect.
4.Dry naturally.After the sterilization of the baby teeth must be put in the ventilated place to dry naturally to be able to put in the milk tooth box.
5.Storage.Put the dried baby teeth into the box then the teeth can be kept for a long time.

Note:Please write with oil pen or marker pen.When you open the Teeth box, there may be a layer of wood ash, please wipe it with a towel, it is clean and fragrant.
  • Material:it made of pine wood,corrosion-resistant and durable,suitable for long-term dental storage,odorless,there is a smell of wood.
  • Separate collection-Each tooth has a corresponding hole to holder and can write down specific dates of teeth fall of,it makes a lot of sense.
  • Two Type:boy and girl, it's cute and can record the baby's profile with the included pen,It's a great gift for your child,When they grow up, this will be a good memory because Every deciduous tooth is unique for the baby, it saves the memorable moments about the kid's growth.
  • With Tweezer to make it easy and hygiene to put temporary tooth in to box.
  • Size:4.8(length)*4.9(width)*1.2(heigth) Package:1 x Keepsake box,1 x Stainless Steel Tweezer
Height0 inches
Length 0 inches
Weight0 pounds
Width 0 inches
Height0.0165 inches
Length 0.0551 inches
Weight0.0035 pounds
Width 0.0547 inches

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