BEAKEY Makeup Brush Drying Rack & Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat, 28 Holes Makeup Brush Holder, Silicone Rubber Apple Shaped Mat - Black

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Color: Black

Makeup Brush Mat:
1.The multi-functional small size makeup brush is made of environmental-friendly silicone rubber material and is available in a variety of shapes to make cleaning more thorough.
2.The bottom five suction cups are designed to allow the scrubbing pad to be attached to a plastic basin or washstand, which is easy to wash.

Makeup Brush Tower:
User Guide:
1.It's made of environmental-friendly silicone rubber material.
2.Bristles upward when using.
3.Bristles downward after washing to avoid water returning back.
4.Keep balance-Try to incline it when only few brushes.
5.Easy to carry-Fold it when travelling outside.

1.There is a brown protective sticker on the brush tower. Please remove it before using! It comes off easily when the brown cardboard is wet. Just put the brush holder under warm running water and rub it a bit and then start at the corner to peel it off.
2.Little smell is normal. Washing it with gentle shampoo water and put it into well ventilated place to let it air dry and the smell will gradually disappear, won't affect normal use at all.
3.The brush holder is made of 3 assembling parts. Firstly, put the two support slots together, and then press the top bracket firmly to the base to form a stable support.

Wash first and then dry, a set of collections perfectly solves the problem of brush cleaning.

  • SET CONTAINS: 1 makeup brush air tower brush holder & 1 makeup brush cleaning mat. Protect the beauty brush:The makeup cleaning brush mat helps to thoroughly clean the makeup brush, and then the drying rack is used to keep the brush dry. A set of collections perfectly solves the problem of brush cleaning.
  • SAVE SPACE&PROTECT BRUSHES: Makeup brush tower for drying brushes after washing, makeup brush tree with total 28 mix size silicone holes- can fit for all sizes makeup brushes, art brushes etc.More convenient to hold brushes and won't take up too much space, gain more professional makeup experience.
  • MAKEUP BRUSH CLEANING MAT: Apple shaped Small size style, it's easy to carry. And it's made of environmental-friendly silicone rubber material. 5 chassis on the back that easy to clean makeup brushes.
  • DIFFERENT AND FUNCTIONAL USE: (1)Collapsible and inclinable makeup brush tower, easy to carry when travel outside.The bristles face up when using the make-up powder, and the bristles face down after washing, when you have small number of brushes, it is more convenient to tilt. (2)The makeup brush cleaning mat design 7 Kinds of screw thread, which is suitable for cleaning a wide variety of brushes, cleaning more thoroughly.
  • ATTENTION:BEAKEY brand registered number is 5280096. No authorization to any other sellers till now except seller name"BEAKEY". 100% money back guarantee. Buy with confidence and you will love it.
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