Birds LOVE Bird Feeder Seed Tray for Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Canaries, Sun Conures–Bird Food Dish and Seed Catcher – Mess No More Bird Feeder for Cage–Hanging Cup for Outside or Inside Cage

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Best designed injection-molded (nearly unbreakable) exterior OR interior Bird Seed Feeder for all small birds. -------- Many new changes from existing poorly no-mess bird feeders ----- 1st improvement - Injection molded lexan, bulletproof nearly indestructible! -------- 2nd MAJOR improvement - We have listened to our clients, and the birds have all voted for a natural wood perch to stand that they can actually grip! These birds have been complaining, in fact they had a protest in front of the Bird House in Washington DC, that they are slippin' tired of trying to stand on a silly little piece of acrylic! They have demanded this wood perch, in fact, they had a hunger strike, until Birds LOVE stepped forth and SAVED THE DAY!!!! Birds LOVE agreed to use a nice clean natural piece of wood that the birds can use to clean their beak off, and more importantly, they can actually GRIP and EAT! The birds were all Tweeting us that they were tired of avoiding the slippery acrylic perch and trying to balance off the teeny tiny sliver of acrylic divider that holds the seed in the back of the feeder. Their Tweets have been answered!!! -------- Also, the birds Tweeted that they did not like the clear see-through bottom of all of the Bird Seed No Mess feeders because it gave them HIGH ANXIETY - they were afraid to move around because they were afraid they would fall straight through the floor of the feeder, right onto Fido's Big Head! So, Birds LOVE again saved the day by using a beautiful green color for the bottom, reminding our feathered friends of the fresh green grass and leaves in nature. They were so happy we could not even follow all the Snapchats and Instagram postings these birds were making. -------- Another improvement - This bird feeder comes in one piece and the screws are so easy to install, either for inside or outside the cage. --- All birds love Birds LOVE "The Seed Stops Here" Injection Molded No Mess Bird Feeders - Buy two today, one for seeds, another for Millet.
  • FOR SMALL BIRDS - It's time for no mess bird seed, and this bird cage feeder gives you a bird feeder that the birds themselves will love and that owners of small birds like Sun Conures, Lovebirds, Quakers, Parakeets, Parrotlets, Senegal's, Canaries, and more will appreciate.
  • NATURAL COLOR - Unlike most bird feeders for bird cage, this tweaky-clean feeder is designed specifically to make birds feel more secure. The translucent green bottom doesn't confuse birds like a clear bottom would, providing added comfort and letting your bird take to our bird feeder more quickly.
  • WOODEN PERCH - The no mess bird feeder is injection-molded to be nearly indestructible, and the perch itself is wooden, rather than acrylic or rough-surfaced stainless steel which can tear into your bird's feet. Created with your bird in mind, these cage feeders mean birds won't slip off their perch and they'll also be able to clean off their beaks. Let your bird be comfortable. Let your bird feel natural. Let your bird be happy.
  • EASY INSTALLATION - This Parakeet Lovebird Cockatiel Sun Conure Finch and Canary feeder with hooks has a one-piece design and is easily installed, with no tools or extra time required. The bird dish may be installed inside or outside cage
  • MONEY SAVER - This easy clean bird cage won't just save you time on cleanup, it will also save you money. This window bird feeder keeps all the large bird seed inside the cockatiel cage rather than falling to the floor or being swept into the garbage. Save from waste and enjoy a happy, healthy bird.
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