Bluetooth Meat Thermometer, Instant Read Cooking Thermometer with 6 Probes, APP WIFI Remote, Alarm Monitor for Cooking Smoker BBQ Kitchen Oven, Support IOS & Android

Store Name: Youghalwell
Brand: Youghalwell
Color: Black, 6 Long Stainless Steel Probes
Monitor Cooking Via Your Smartphone
This digital meat thermometer allows you to monitor your food through your phone or tablet from 170 feet away.
The free app is widely compatible with IOS and Android devices.

Preset Temperature and Doneness
Programmed with preset temperatures for 11 types of food and their doneness levels.
You can also manually set your favorite temperature and timer.

Wireless Remote Monitor
Set the type of food and your desired doneness then enjoy the rest of the movie, your phone will beep once the food is ready. It is the perfect item for those who want to be able to do other things around the house while cooking.

Make Cooking Easier
Multiple probes work simultaneously to provide exact temperature of your meat. After wirelessly connects to your phone you don't have to monitor temperature in person.
Take all the guesswork out and make your cooking more perfect!

No tedious setup steps, just one button to turn on/off or pairing with your phone.Both of the 3-inch LCD backlit screen and your phone will show accurate temperature within 3 seconds.
Besides this, the smart grilling thermometer will auto connect to you phone after first pairing.

Product Material: Plastic body + BPA free silicone handle + Stainless steel probes
Thermometer size: 85*78*40mm
Probe size: 155*48*16mm
Measuring range: 0~250 ℃ / 32 ~ 482℉
Measurement accuracy: (0-99℃)1℃ / 1.8℉ or +/-1% (100-250℃) +/-2%
Display mode: LCD screen + mobile phone APP display
Bluetooth connection distance: 100 meters
Power supply: 2*AA 1.5V batteries (❤️ Batteries come within package)
Alarm modes: APP prompt alarm + product self alarm

What You Get:
1 x Meter Thermometer
6 x Probes with Racks ❤️
6 x Probe Wraps
1 x Manual
  • ✔ [SMART COOKING, EASY LIFE] - Never worry about overcooking or under-cooking any more! You can have fun and do whatever you like when cooking. It works with the easy BBQ APP which will set you free while cooking or BBQ. Just reading on your phone via Bluetooth with a range of up to 160ft(outdoor)/100ft(indoor) with the smart App, you will get reminded when the food is ready
  • ✔ [UP TO 6 LONG PROBES] - Compared to other cooking thermometers, it can monitor up to 6 different food at one time with 6 long digital stainless steel probes, each probe is manufactured in strict standard with FDA approved, and each with a heat resistant (482°F) BPA-free silicon handle. With 6 different color-marked probes,It can get instant readings on different types of food simultaneously
  • ✔ [WIRELESS FOOD READY ALERT FUNCTION] - Preset in your APP, and you can leave and have fun whiling cooking, this great cooking assistant will you help you monitor your food and inform you once the food is ready. There will be no need for you to stay in kitchen, worrying about your food. It will save your time and bring you easier life
  • ✔ [ACCURATE&INSTANT READING] - This meat Thermometer delivers a +/-1% precision to ensure accurate temperatures. the 3-inch LCD backlit screen makes reading easier even at dark area.This App also allows you to choose from 11 (beef, veal, lamb, pork, chicken, turkey, fish, hamburger, BBQ Smoke, Hot Smoke, Cold Smoke) preset temperatures based on the food that you are cooking, and also you can customized temperature for your personal taste
  • ✔ [ONE YEAR WARRANTY] - We provide 1 year warranty service and if there is any defects on the product within 30 days, we can 100% refund to you or give new products for replacement
Height0.0189 inches
Length 0.061 inches
Weight0.0066 pounds
Width 0.0063 inches
Height0.019 inches
Length 0.077 inches
Weight0.009 pounds
Width 0.055 inches

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