Casabella Exact Egg Boiler, White/Yellow, One Size

Category: Kitchen
Store Name: Casabella
Brand: Casabella
Color: White/Yellow
The Casabella Exact Egg Boiler, White and Yellow delivers the perfectly boiled eggs every time! The basket holds a half a dozen of eggs. The integrated timer indicates cooking status of eggs: soft, medium, or hard. Funnel cold water directly onto the eggs to cool quickly and halt the cooking process; the funnel retracts for compact storage. The Egg Boiler is BPA free and dishwasher safe, top rack only. Casabella was created with the novel idea that housewares and cleaning products could be great looking, fun and functional all at the same time. With focus on product and graphic design we strive to deliver products that are attractive, Intuitive and supremely functional. That's our challenge! we design, assemble and distribute products from our new York headquarters. The Casabella team is comprised of people who work hard every day to keep the company moving in new and better directions. We believe we can always do better and strive to identify improvements in our processes as well as our products.
  • Perfectly boiled eggs every time!
  • Step 1: Place up to 6 eggs into the Exact Egg Boiler, place in pot of water 
  • Step 2: Bring to boil to desired doneness - soft, medium, or hard boiled
  • Step 3: Lift Exact Egg Boiler from pot to sink, run cold water through funnel to cool eggs quickly and halt further cooking
  • Step 4: Peel off egg shell, and enjoy!
Height0.0425 inches
Length 0.07 inches
Weight0.0025 pounds
Width 0.07 inches
Height0.042 inches
Length 0.078 inches
Weight0.005 pounds
Width 0.075 inches

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