Clipboards (Set of 30) by Office Solutions Direct! ECO FRIENDLY Hardboard Clipboard Pack, Low Profile Clip Standard A4 Letter Size, Classroom Supplies

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You Deserve To Work With The Best In Office Supplies

Does your everyday work and routine have to do with papers, letters or documents?

Aren't you tired of your work being hindered because you cannot organize them?

Would you like to see what it feels to work with top grade tools of the trade?

Then Office Solutions Direct may just have what you need.

So Simple, Yet So Practical - These Clipboards Are A Must For Anyone

Our top grade clipboards feature high-density fiberboard that puts other suppliers' clipboards to shame. The clipboard's surface is tempered to gain a feeling of smoothness, while the corners are rounded to ensure it never gets stuck anywhere.

The metal clip is riveted onto the board to ensure stability, sturdily constructed and fitted with a heavy duty spring. Depending on the stock, it may hold up to 100 sheets of paper - which is probably far more than anyone ever needs.

Convenient A4 Paper Tray Size

These practical hardboard clipboards are designed to be used with 9'' x 12.5'' paper sheets, which is the industry standard - also commonly known as 'A4'.

This doesn't mean, however, that it can't be used to hold smaller paper sizes - or even memos and post-it notes, if that's what you need it to hold!

Versatility & Function Right There In Your Hands

Even if you're no white-collar worker, there's a thousand things you can use a good clipboard for: organizing notes, archiving recipes, displaying photos and many, many more!

Order your own now - you will think up another thousand as long as you get your hands on them!

Just Click 'Add To Cart' Now - And We'll Do The Rest!

  • 🔥 The Eco-Friendly Clipboards will last years or we'll send your money right back! -Sick of the cheap options, want something that will feel sturdy and solid? Say goodbye to cheap, uneven, poorly made writing surfaces! Don't you want a smooth, premium quality writing experience!?
  • 💪 THE ONLY ALL-PURPOSE, ULTRA-DURABLE, SMOOTH-FINISH CLIPBOARDS WITH A LIFETIME WARRANTY! -Most imitators break/fall apart, but ours won't! Most have uneven edges and flimsy clips that barely hold your paper in place, ours has a level of finish that's a step above, guaranteed! Wherever you go, these functional clipboards are perfect.
  • ✅ [SET OF 30] THE PERFECT HARDBOARD CLIPBOARDS TO SUPPORT YOUR WRITING NEEDS! NOTHING ELSE COMPARES -Dont price shop; others use cheap, uncomfortable, rough materials that dont last. You want a nice smooth, easy writing surface that you can take notes on anywhere, right?
  • ❗ READ BEFORE BUYING...MOST SELLERS DON'T WANT YOU KNOWING ABOUT THIS --> Other bulk clipboards look great in the pictures, but are inferior and flimsy, will wear out way too soon, and have no warranty (for a reason) since they don't last. Why risk it with them?
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