Dental Orthodontic Wax for braces and oral appliances, relieves irritation and pain, Odorless, Tasteless, (10 -Pack, 50 strips total)

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Brand: Dental Ease
DentalEase Dental Wax was created by our dentists to provide patients with a barrier wax to relieve irritation from braces and dental appliances. Formulated to be maximally effective and efficient without leaving behind a mess. Made to be easy to use and easy to clean up. This wax provides temporary relief from painful wires, brackets, springs, ligatures, clasps, and other annoyances in the mouth. Areas causing persistent irritation leading to sores, lacerations, and/or ulcers should be examined immediately by your orthodontist or dentist. Instructions: Collect and swallow saliva. Isolate problem area by pulling away your lip or cheek. Dry completely by forcefully sucking air through the area. Work the wax between your fingers until it reaches a moldable consistency. Cover the problem area with an effective seal. Replace as needed. Tip: For best results, DentalEase Dental Wax needs to be applied to the problem area in dry conditions. Saliva prevents things from sticking well (That's why your dentist always blows air in your mouth). Braces can be a difficult process. DentalEase is here to make your journey a little bit easier. Good luck out there, and appreciate your dentist from time to time. From all of us at DentalEase, thank you for your support, and happy smiling!
  • Medical-grade paraffin-based wax for protection against braces and dental appliance irritation to oral soft tissues
  • Created by dentists to provide you with the safe, effective, and reliabe dental wax provided by orthodontists
  • This safe and easy-to-use dental wax is odorless, tasteless, and colorless to adapt unnoticeably and comfortably into your lifestyle
  • Dentist recommended. Moms and dads approved. Kids and teens approved. Great for all ages.
  • 5 strips of high-quality dental wax per case. 10 colorful, portable cases in each package.
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