Funsparks Jazzminton Paddle Extra LED Birdies Game

Category: Toy
Store Name: Getting Fit
Brand: Funsparks
Warranty: No Warranty
REAL FEATHER LED BIRDIES for playing Jazzminton or any paddle ball game at night time.
Similar to playing Badminton without the net.
Lights up for 20 seconds at a time while playing and hitting the Birdie it recounts the light-up time from the beginning again.
It is a lot of fun playing at twilight, dusk or anytime the lighting is not good enough to play with the usual Birdies or Shuttlecock.
Very nice to play in the house; due to the light weight of the Birdies.
We're all about play and sports and bring families and friends together and reunite while experiencing great pleasure. What could be better than that.
30 day FREE return policy no questions asked
  • New and Improved: We Have Released a Brand New Version of our LED Birdie in the Autumn of 2018 That has an Even Higher Quality and is Far More Durable Than the Previous
  • Contains: 2 REAL FEATHER LED BIRDIES in 1 Pack - Lights up When You hit it With Your Paddle, Battery is Replaceable
  • New Design: Fixture is Held Together With Screws to Fully Secure All the Pieces and Keep the Integrity of the Birdie
  • 60 Hours of Battery Usage: Once you are Finished Playing, it will only take Around 20 Seconds Before the LED Shuts Off
  • Patented Birdie: Only one of its Kind on the Market, Don't Limit Yourself to Just Daytime Play|30 Day Return Policy No Questions Asked
Height0.0732 inches
Length 0.0217 inches
Weight0 pounds
Width 0.0217 inches
Height0.022 inches
Length 0.072 inches
Weight0.0002 pounds
Width 0.023 inches

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