GODESON Presta Valve Pressure Gauge with Air Pressure Relief for Mountain Bicycle Fat Tires,Low Pressure Range to 30 PSI/2BAR

Store Name: GODESON
Color: Golden
Warranty: FREE 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Gauge Features

1.Reliable Mechianical Bicycle Tire Pressure Gauge for Presta Valve - Bourden tube mechanism, no batteries required, keep high accuracy and good performance for years; 

 2.Legible 2.0",dail gauge with the special chuck for Presta Valves-Easy to read , and operate; 

 3.Pressure range to 30psi/2bar-Dual scale with English and Metric, easy to ready for different people; 

 4.Excellent integrated air valve botton-Durable,for tire deflation adjustments or reset the dial; 

5. Comfortable size fits h andbag  pack or seat pack-Easy to carry; 

6.Accuracy:100% inspection according to ANSI Grade B40.1 Grade B (middle ±2%); 

 7.Suitable  for Presta Valve  only.

How to Use

1.Use the pressure recommended by your vehicle's manufacturer, pls do not exceed the "max pressure" figure found on the tire sidewall. 

 2.Check pressure when tires are cold and have sat for at least one hour.

3.Removing cap from inflation valve,place the gauge chuck firmly onto tire valve stem and press down evenly. If air escapes, apply more pressure until air stops escaping. 

 4.Remove gauge from valve stem to read tire pressure. 

 5.If tire pressure is too high, refit the tire pressure gauge to valve stem then gently press pressure release button until recommended pressure is reached. 

6.If tire pressure is low, inflate to the recommended pressure then recheck. 

 7.Store tire pressure gauge in a safe, dust free area.

Get One For You or Your Friend as Gifts!

  • 1.Legible 2.0'' dail with the special chuck for Presta Fat Tire Valves only. This presta pressure gauge can not work for the Schrader valves. More easy and more professional reading the tire pressure;
  • 2.With Reliable Bourden tube mechanism,this bicycle presta valve low pressure gauge keep goods performance in most  temperature, altitude, or humidity, and no batteries are required;
  • 3.Pressure range from 0 to 30psi/ 0 to 2bar -this bike tire pressure gauge presta valve has dual scale with English and Metric,easy to operate for different people;
  • 4.With Air bleeder button,the presta valve tire pressure gauge can hold the pressure. Easily read the pressure value.
  • 5.Gear Style Rubber -durable rubber cover protects presta valve air gauge from drops & knocks. Meanwhile good touch feeling
Height0.034 inches
Length 0.027 inches
Weight0.0039 pounds
Width 0.014 inches
Height0.016 inches
Length 0.036 inches
Weight0.003 pounds
Width 0.036 inches

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