Gyroor G-F1 Hoverboard,8.5" Off Road Hover Board with Bluetooth Speaker&LED Lights,Fastest Racing Self Balancing Scooter with App for Kids and Adult,UL2272 Certified(Yellow)

Store Name: Gyroor
Brand: Gyroor
Color: Yellow
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  • 8.5"ALL TERRAIN HOVERBOARDS: 85% aluminum board,powered by 700 watt motors,this big wide SUV tire has strong adaptability of all terrains&great braking power,can master all pavements.Larger wheelbase between two motors,25% longer than traditional&competitor board,stable&comfortable.
  • FEATURED DESIGN HOVER BOARD:The fastest off road SUV hoverboard! Inspired by racing automobile,with intelligent sound&speed synchronization system,manually adjustable racing sound creates an immersive experience,it can be shut down if you don't need this sound.The ultra-thin body,completely subvert the image of traditional board.Portable handle&removable battery,convenient for your carry and charging.
  • UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE: Our smart self balancing hoverboard takes you further and faster than any others on the market while ensuring you stay completely safe.This hoverboard can easily hit up to 10 to 12 miles max speed,making sure you stay in control for the most enjoyable riding experience.
  • BLUETOOTH SPEAKER&LED LIGHTS: Built-in high ended speaker,with market first and unique monomer chamber design,outstanding sound quality,connecting with your smart phone easily with much fun. Colorful LED lights switch freely to present you a amazing lighting when riding.
  • SAFEST SELF BALANCING SCOOTER: With UL2272 tested and certified self balancing board & UL2271 battery certified,100% riding testing,all GYROOR hover boards are designed and built to meet the top levels of safety testing,passed CE,RoHS and FCC certifications.
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Length 0 inches
Weight0 pounds
Width 0 inches
Height0.106 inches
Length 0.318 inches
Weight0.3795 pounds
Width 0.108 inches

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