helen ou @Yunnan specialty: handmade dark brown sugar for relieving the pain during menstrual?period 8.8oz

Category: Misc.
Store Name: lingyuexuan
Brand: helen [email protected]
Storage methods: dry and low temperature Food additives: no Net content: 250 g/8.8oz
  • Ingredients: Yunnan sugarcane
  • Suggested use: a piece a day or according to your need, it can make you feel better especially when you suffer the menstrual pain.
  • Shelf life: 540 days
  • Workmanship: dark brown sugar made by sugar cane -- pretreatment -- press -- enrichment -- concentrated enzyme solution -- enrichment -- thermal?reaction, it is without a crystal sugar, so dark brown sugar is different from traditional brown sugar or brown granulated sugar.
  • About dark brown sugar: dark brown sugar is without highly refined, or it can be said that brown sugar is more natural, and without further processing, so it is good for our health.
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