Himalayan Salt Lamp Bluetooth Speaker, Relassy Pink Salt Lamp Night Light with Music, Home Decor USB Salt Lamp with Touch Dimmer Switch,3 Bulbs,Cord,Adapter

Store Name: Relassy
Brand: Relassy
Color: Pink
Wireless speaker+night lamp + salt crystal rocks + 2 bulbs+ adapter(design for salt lamp)

Wireless Speaker:
Widely Application:Compatible with most smart devices,Instantly connect to your smartphone or tablet from up to 33 feet away. the speaker reconnects automatically to the last device used
High-Definition Sound:Adopt blutooth 4.0 technology, reducing the loss in the audio transmission and giving you a more purer stereo sound.

Night Light:
Natural Soft Light:The natural light of the salt lamp is beyond comparison with those artificial light, it could relieve the eye strain and make your eyes feel more comfortable.

Natural Salt Crystal Rocks:
The salt crystal rocks is manual mined and extracted from the purest source of Himalayan pink crystal salt rocks,natural and unpolluted. It's composed of 84 micro elements,and contains the minerals needed by body.

The Function of Salt Lamp
1, Absorb the dust particle in the air, purifying the air and improving the air quality,helping to reduce your allergic source, maintenance ion environment balance,anti-radiation could protect your skin and anti-aging.
2, The salt lamp has a function of sterilization and inflammation reducing,lower rates of asthma,preventing the cold and flu and enhance power of human body immunity.
3, The orange light could release the vibration frequency consistent with the human body, relieve the pressure, relax your mind. and the soft natural light help sleep.
4, The salt crystal rocks aborb the moisture from the air when not in use, and when the light on, the heat of the lamp would evaporative the water from the surface of the rocks, acting as a natural humidifier.

  • 🎵 Himalayan Salt Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker: Upgraded salt light with Bluetooth Speaker. You can enjoy the warm light and your favorite music at the same time with one night light. Just connect the beside table lamp by Bluetooth with your phone. wireless and convenient. Widely used in the bedroom, study, office and other places indoor.
  • 🎵 Relax Body and Spirit: When you get home after working a whole day, Turn on the salt lamp, adjust warm light to suitable brightness which can pleasure your mood, play a song you favorite through Bluetooth speaker. Enjoy your leisure time belong to yourself with soft music and warm light.
  • 🎵 Unlimited Dimmer with Touch Switch: You can adjust the brightness of the salt lamps with touch switch. Touch the switch, turn on the night light. Touch and hold the switch, adjust the brightness. Touch again, turn off the salt lamp. If you want to listen to a song, just switch on Bluetooth speaker with the light on.
  • 🎵 Benefit for Health: The Himalayan crystal rock is believed to benefit for people's health. The salt rocks after being heated can emit negative ions into the air to purify air, reduce stress and promote the quality of sleep. Many customers said that the Himalayan salt rocks really work.
  • 🎵 Perfect Indoor Decoration and Gift: Relassy salt lamp can fit for anywhere, coffee table, bedside table, study or living room and it is a great gift for your families, friends, also a perfect present for birthday and various holidays, etc.
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