LEVOIT Water Filter Pitcher, Purifier with Large 10 Cup / 2.5L, Electronic Filter Indicator, BPA-Free, 5-Layer Filtration for Chlorine, Lead, Heavy Metals and Odor, 2-Year Warranty, LV110WP

Category: Kitchen
Store Name: LEVOIT
Color: White
Warranty: 2 year warranty.

Drink Clean & Healthy Water:

The LEVOIT water filter pitcher is 10 cup capacity, which can satisfy you and your family's drinking need. Drinking the filtered water is healthy for your body, especially important for children, the filter replacement constructs with 5-layer filtration which can better filtered copper, mercury, cadmium and other harmful substance., also reduce chlorine taste and odor. Provide you cleaner, great-tasting water.

Package Contents:

1 x Water Filter Pitcher
1 x Filter Cartridge
1 x User Manual


Replace the water filter every 60 days or after filtering 40 gallons / 150L of water. The filter is available for purchase (Search for: LV110WP-RF).

Pause the indicator by pressing and holding the "START" button for 3 seconds and remove the cartridge if not in use for a while. Press and hold for 3 seconds to restart when used again.

Press the "START" button firmly for 8 seconds to reset the filter life indicator after replace the filter cartridge.

  • EFFECTIVE 5-LAYER FILTRATION: An Upper Micro Net, Silver Activated Carbon (2 layers), Ion-Exchange Resin, and a Lower Micro Net thoroughly filter tap water to remove pesticides, odors, heavy metals, suspended particles, and 98% of chlorine. Removing impurities and reducing water hardness help improve the taste of your water and protect your health.
  • SAFETY GUARANTEEED: All materials are BPA-free and made of food-grade plastic. FDA, LFGB, and RoHS certified.
  • ELECTRONIC FILTER INDICATOR: The indicator gauges the remaining life percentage/days your filter will remain fresh and effective. Replace after 60 days of use, or after filtering 40 US gal (150 L) of water. ★ Note: 3-pack replacement filters are available for purchase! (Search "LV110WP-RF"). The replacement filters are temporarily out of stock, please don't worry, it will be in stock on March 6, 2019.
  • 10 CUP (2.5 L) CAPACITY: With the pitcher's high capacity of 10 cups, you'll have plenty of freshly filtered water on hand for the family. Liter marks on the pitcher even help you keep track of everyone's water intake.
  • FLIP-TOP & SPOUT LIDS: The flip-top pitcher lid makes it easy to refill the filter chamber. Simply remove the top cover to clean the lid and chamber as needed. A spout lid keeps dust, bacteria, and other particles out whenever the filter isn't in use.
  • REDUCE WASTE: Cut down your usage of single-use plastics! Every Levoit filter produces 40 US gal (150 L) of water, which replaces 320 disposable 16-oz water bottles. Stay mindful of the environment with a convenient and easily refillable alternative.
  • THOUGHTFUL DETAILS: Every Levoit product comes with a 1-year buyer's assurance (with a free option to extend it by 1 more year). Enjoy friendly and responsive help from our customer support team in Southern California!
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