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You won't be able to grow long, beautiful hair without healthy skin. Magnétique's Clear Skin supplement is designed to maximize hair growth by targeting skin health. Quick lesson: Your skin's natural lipids (fats) are called ceramides. Our skin has three layers - hypodermis, dermis, and epidermis. Hair follicles are located deep in the hypodermis, surrounded by a healthy, ceramide-rich fatty area with lots of nourishing blood vessels.

Keeping that lower level healthy is essential for fuller, stronger, healthier hair. Ceramides help nourish your skin and hair, maintain your skin's integrity, and aid in the production of healthy hair. We lose ceramides and collagen due to factors like natural aging, sun and smoke exposure, and poor nutrition. Clear Skin boosts these lipids to keep your hair and skin youthful and supple.

  • RESTORE COMPLEXTION - the tested ingredients within Magnetique Clear Skin will help you achieve that attractive youthful glow
  • LIPID BOOST - Magnetique Clear Skin will help nourish your skin and aid in the production of healthy hair.
  • NO RISK - We believe in our product 100%, which is why we off a 60 day money back guarantee on our products. Give it a try!
  • MADE IN THE USA - our products are manufactured right here in the USA and get 3rd party tested to ensure you are getting what you pay for
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