MAGZO Foam Roll, Neoprene Rubber Sheet 1/8" Thick x 1/2" Wide x 9.8 Feet Long Insulation Weather Stripping Non-Adhesive Foam Rubber Padding Strip Multi-Function Non-Slip Noise Insulation 4 Pieces

Store Name: MAGZO
Brand: MAGZO
Color: Black


1/8 in (thickness) x 1/2 in (width) x 39.3 ft (length)

Foam Tape Packaging:

One package includes 9.8FT * 4 pieces


1.Please notice that the noise barrier foam will inevitably have some smell because of production.

2.The neoprene rubber strip is smooth on both sides without adhesive.

3.Due to the production process, the product will be spliced, but it will not affect your use.

4.Please confirm the size before buying.


The temperature range is from -50℃ to 150℃.

Good dust barrier, shockproof, sound insulation, shock resistance, heat insulation, moisture resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and so on.

Practical insulation sheets is able to cut, molding, You can DIY any size you want.


Environmental protection neoprene,non-toxic.

Neoprene can be considered as a good general purpose rubber with an excellent balance of physical and chemical properties.This commercial grade material can be used for gaskets, seals, weather stripping, ant-vibration isolation and countless other applications where rubber is required.  The material is black in color and smooth on both sides.

Wide Application:

Home use: Suitable for door seal,weather stripping, anti-skid and heat insulation.Such as carpet padding,insulation sheets,rubber floor sealer,rubber barrier, floor mat,outdoor rubber sheet,etc.

Industry,equipment use: Protect the parts from damage, play shockproof and decompression role.

Packing use: Protect fragile items.

  • SHOCKPROOF INSULATION SHEET - Excellent shockproof perfomance, good resilience and flexibility, rubber barrier ideal for protecting fragile things
  • CLOSED CELL FOAM SWEEP - Door insulation foam is made of Neoprene, toxic free
  • DIY DESIGN - Easily cut foam padding roll into any shape,One of the most versatile do-it-yourself materials available
  • PERFORMANCE of SPONGE PADDING - Weather proof, Oil resistance, resistant to corrosion, moisture-proof, dust proof, shock-absorbing, sound and heat insulation, anti-skidding
  • WIDELY APPLICATION - Practical insulation foam is typically used for gaskets, seals, weather stripping, flashing and anti-vibration isolation.It's also fantastic for sealing, soundproofing, insulating, padding, seat covers, minimizing speaker vibration, protecting desks from denting under monitors and printers, and nearly anything else you can imagine
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Length 0 inches
Weight0.0015 pounds
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Height0.022 inches
Length 0.0646 inches
Weight0.0015 pounds
Width 0.0421 inches

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