Marked Measures 10 Pcs Stainless Steel Measuring Cups and Spoons Set by [email protected] Stackable Set with 2 Rings Holder and Colorful Silicone Handles-Accurate Measurement for Cooking or Baking

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Brand: [email protected]
Color: Light Green,Dark Green,Orange,Light Blue,Pink
Let us save your time, pursuing a durable set. We challenged our self to prove it to you, rather than just write about it.
See for yourself, how our set holds on MORE than 3 times its expected load!

Furthermore, you DEFINITELY WON'T find a set, with such a spectacular black laser marking, which really makes the measures stand out!
Put behind any frustration you had while looking for the right cup.
The bold black laser marking on the cups set, combined with engraved measures on the handles, literally popup in front of your eyes, that even your kids can find it easily.
This bold laser marking, turns baking into such a piece of cake that you can turn it into a family thrill.

But, finding the right measure in a split of a second is one thing. The other is the confidence that you have this measure in the first place.
Surely, you don't want to find yourself missing a measure, just because your cup set or spoon set is too dull and not versatile enough!
So, our set contains Not 4! Not 6! Not even 8! but 10 pieces of sturdy cups and spoons with comfortable, non-slip grip, colorful silicone handles!

See the handful advantages you get, when buying this set:
  • All 10 pieces are ALWAYS, at the reach of your hand. The compact size of the set, allows you to stack up all 10 pieces and hang them, with the accompanied stainless rings, just in front of you.
  • The colorful silicone handles, can be easily removed and replaced. Just in case you love a thorough cleaning so you won't miss a spot.
  • Made with premium-quality, highly polished, 430 stainless steel, the set won't crack, won't bend and won't rust. It JUST LAST!
  • SO JUMP IN and TAKE YOUR FIRST STEP WITH US. Get a free eBook, specially written for [email protected], with delicious desserts. All measures were given according to the volume engraved on the handles so, it can really be a piece of cake...
  • THE ONLY STAINLESS STEEL MEASURING SET WITH CRYSTAL CLEAR MEASURES MARKINGS. Obviously, you don't want to waste precious time in the kitchen, so we took an extra step for you. Permanent black laser marking which makes the measures stand out! That's of course, on top of the good old fashion engraved measures on the handle. You won't have to wonder which size is it. Just one quick look and you'll know.
  • EVERY MEASURE YOU NEED FOR WHATEVER RECIPE YOU DESIRE. As someone, who knows a thing or two about cooking and baking, this set of 10 pieces stainless steel measuring cups and spoons set, from 1.25ml up to 250ml, will allow you, with such simplicity, accurate measuring, for every recipe you choose.
  • STAINLESS MEASURING SPOONS AND CUPS SET THAT SIMPLY LAST. We know that your first concern is that the measuring cups set is durable. That's why we made them from rough stainless steel which won't crack, bend or rust. This 430 stainless steel, allows an intensive use of the measuring cups of even the heaviest ingredients.. At the end, you can clean it thoroughly, just the way you love, without warring it might get rust.
  • YOU KNOW YOU HAVE FULL WARRANTY! So, you can have the peace of mind you deserve, when ordering this metal measuring cups. If it is not durable as promised or with insufficient measures, to ease your life in the kitchen, you can have a full refund.
  • FREE BONUSE FOR A SMOOTH START. Enjoy the delight of easy baking and cooking, when the recipe does all the work for you. Get a free eBook, specially written for [email protected], with fifteen delicious desserts that tell you exactly, which cup or spoon to use. The recipes refer to the measures, the same as marked or engraved on the set so, it can really become a piece of cake for you.The variety of desserts will be a splendid finish for any meal you choose and will surly delight all your guests.
Height0.028 inches
Length 0.035 inches
Weight0.009 pounds
Width 0.077 inches
Height0.035 inches
Length 0.075 inches
Weight0.0105 pounds
Width 0.035 inches

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