Marpac Dohm UNO White Noise Machine

Category: Health and Beauty
Store Name: Marpac LLC (PCA)
Brand: Marpac
Color: Uno
Introducing Dom Uno, the all-natural sleep aid device that drowns out noise and helps you sleep better. Exercise, diet and sleep are all important to a healthy life. Sleep is easier than exercising, better than dieting, and you can do it in your sleep! It is naturally wonderful.
  • Natural sleep aid - creates an all-natural constant white noise sound, with no blast of cold air like a fan.
  • Masks noises - Using Dom Uno reduces the amount of nighttime wake-ups, naturally improving your sleep
  • The Original White Noise Machine Brand - Give Sleep A Chance with the most trusted white noise machine
Height0.04 inches
Length 0.06 inches
Weight0.016 pounds
Width 0.06 inches
Height0.0417 inches
Length 0.0748 inches
Weight0.0168 pounds
Width 0.0732 inches

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