Natursutten PaciPixy Lovey Pacifier Holder Organic Cotton Danish Design

Category: Baby Product
Store Name: Natursutten
Brand: Natursutten
PaciPixy is baby's first friend. Our PaciPixy lovey pacifier holder will comfort baby, is easy to hold.
  • 100% organic cotton, machine-washable.
  • Danish design, made in Latvia Europe.
  • PaciPixy's arm fits snugly through pacifier's rubber loop.
  • Instantly comforting, easy to hold onto, easy to find.
  • Never leave toys with your baby during sleep.
Height0 inches
Length 0 inches
Weight0 pounds
Width 0 inches
Height0.0157 inches
Length 0.1067 inches
Weight0.0019 pounds
Width 0.0941 inches

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