NIUBEE Kids Acrylic Floating Bookshelf 16.5 Inch,2 Pack,Clear Invisible Wall Bookshelves Ledge Book Shelf,50% Thicker with Free Screwdriver

Category: Kitchen
Store Name: NIUBEE
Color: Clear
NIUBEE invisible floating bookshelf--key in promoting kids reading

You won't regret what you pay for and don't have to buy a second set as the first one broke.
Unbreakable Material:made of 5mm best quality acrylic, 60% thicker than others.
High Front Lip:2 inch front lip prevents books toppling over on kids' head while they grab and return books.
Baby-no Sharp Edge:Hand-polished round edge keeps toddlers away from exposing a razor sharp edge for safety.

We have three kinds of floating bookshelf. The 3 1/2 inch width clear wall shelf can display 5-6 rows of medium books.
16.5 inch:holds up about 10 childern's board books--50pounds.
24 inch:holds up about 14 childern's board books--60pounds.
36 inch:holds up about 22 childern's board books--70pounds.

How are our children supposed to develop a love for reading if we don't pave the way for them to do so?
That's what NIUBEE Kids Floating Bookshelves help to do.
Before, to find the book they wanted, kids have to pull all the books out from a traditional shelf.But now at our acrylic bookshelf,books are displayed look like they are floating on the wall.
Since the floating bookshelf is clear and outward facing,kids can see the book covers, easier to get access and select a book all by themselves.That's really make reading fun.
NIUBEE floating bookshelf is the key in promoting kids reading.

Clean & Neat Addition to Any Decor
NIUBEE acrylic wall shelf make your bathroom complete.Do not take an floor space.A must-have for narrow area solving different household storage problem.
Spice rack
Photo display shelf
Comic book display
Make up organization
Retail display shelf
Chalk rail shelf
  • Durable sturdy book shelf-made of 5mm twice thicker premium quality acrylic with lifetime guarantee
  • Display for kids books-encourage toddlers reading more with a clear invisible floating bookshelf
  • High front lip-2 inch polished rounded front edge of wall mounted ledge shelf prevents books and cosmetics falling down
  • Versatile showcase-transparent designed for quickly organizing or displaying photos,books,artwork,cosmetics,spices in an awesome way
  • Perfect gift for mothers and kids-the well-made,good-looking,modern sturdy bookshelf not only be an ideal gift for children solving the problem of misplacing books,but also perfect for office,kitchen and bathroom use
Height0.03 inches
Length 0.165 inches
Weight0.022 pounds
Width 0.033 inches
Height0.035 inches
Length 0.1772 inches
Weight0.0255 pounds
Width 0.048 inches

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