Nosey Cups 3 Pack, 11oz, Drinking Cups, Wheat Straw Biodegradable Bamboo Eco Friendly Healthy Plastic Mug (Pink, Blue, Green) by Free Boy

Category: Health and Beauty
Store Name: Free Boy
Brand: Free Boy
Color: Pink, Blue, Green

Product Features:

►Material: The cup is formed by the hot pressure of organic wheat straw, and is a biodegradable green water cup.



►Design:4 E design easy for life--easy drink; easy hold; easy dry; easy clean.

►Package includes: Set of 3 in 3 Colors (Green,Pink,Blue)

  • A special cutout in nosey cup helps maintain proper head and neck positioning when swallowing, and allows drinking without having to tilt their head back, helps to prevent choking and aspiration of liquid.
  • The nosey cup adopts environmental degradable material, which is rich in natural ingredients of wheat straw. BPA Free.
  • Drinking cup features an 11 ounce liquid capacity, and there are three colors, pink, blue and green.
  • The wide mouth of the cup is easy to reach into and clean.
  • The smooth texture of the grinding sand is very comfortable and suitable for use at home.
Height0 inches
Length 0 inches
Weight0 pounds
Width 0 inches
Height0.0378 inches
Length 0.0795 inches
Weight0.0051 pounds
Width 0.0382 inches

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