Office Foot Rest Under Desk: New Ergonomic Footrest Cushion w/Angled Half Cylinder Design for Optimum Leg Clearance: Compact & Supportive Foot Stool Under Desk Foot Rest Home Office Accessories

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Store Name: Quality Home Lifestyle
Brand: Ergonomic Innovations
Color: Gray

At Ergonomic Innovations we design home office accessories with you in mind. It's this approach that allows us to understand the needs of home and office users who are looking for something to improve posture, comfort and productivity through a better work space.

We are proud to introduce to you our innovative, half-cylinder design foot rests that combine the convenience and adjustability of a hard footrest stool with the comfort and relaxation of a cushion.

Start enjoying better posture at your home computer desk, at the office or on the go as a car passenger or during an airplane flight.

Many footrests are too hard to make sitting comfortable and end up being pushed to the side. It still leaves you the problem of being able to sit upright with your feet resting on a surface as recommended by health professionals and ergonomists.

Other foot rest cushions are too soft that simply flatten out when you put any pressure on them, again resulting in your posture being compromised.

We don't settle for anything that doesn't do what it should. Our durable home and office footrest cushion will provide you with a cushioned, supportive surface to rest your feet that you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Particularly useful for those with knee pain, leg pain, a sore ankle, weary feet or plantar fasciitis as the foot rest helps you sit more comfortably and reduces the pressure on other parts of your body.

Improve your health and comfort the ergonomic way.
  • GET COMFY AT YOUR DESK - If sitting at your desk causes you poor posture, sore feet or aching limbs then your feet are probably not elevated correctly. Get comfortable quickly and easily with our firm, luxurious under desk foot rest cushion to complement your home office accessories
  • SUPPORTIVE & COMFORTABLE - There's nothing worse than an under desk footrest that is either too hard or flattens like a pancake. Our high-rebound under desk footrest is durable and resilient to give you the best of both worlds
  • SUITABLE FOR MOST HEIGHTS - Our unique, innovative angled and slanted foot rest pillow design ensures your feet can be rested at different levels ensuring you have plenty of room for your knees and legs. Relax - you're covered
  • SOOTHING EFFECT FOR WEARY FEET - Kick off the shoes and enjoy a luxurious and smooth velour feet rest feeling whilst watching TV. For deeper relaxation use on bare feet - and don't worry - the footrest pillow cover is hygienic, anti-microbial and washable
  • KEEP ACTIVE, STAY HEALTHY - Flip your foot stool under desk over for a rocking motion that keeps your blood circulation going. Perfect for restless legs, long trips in the car or airplane and gaming
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