ORIA Key Storage Lock Box, Key Lock Box with 4 Digit, Key Safe Holds 5 Keys, Key Storage Combination Lock Box Wall Mount Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor, 3.74inch

Category: Office Product
Store Name: Oria
Brand: ORIA
Color: # #Black/Silver + Updated Version

Set-your-own combination

The protective cover protects combination dials from weather, dirt and grime.
Large key storage capacity holds multiple house keys or access cards.
Keep your keys safe and share the combination with your family, friends and neighbours.

How to Set Password

Set the code to default(0-0-0-0), pull up the shackle.
Rotate it to the Down Arrow.
Push the shackle down and hold it.
Rotate it to the Side Line.
Dial the numbers on the lock box to set your combination.
Rotate back the shackle to the Down Arrow until it pops up.


1.We do not recommend use the combination such as"2-2-2-2"which is easy to crack.
2.It is recommended the dials are rotated weekly to keep safe key lock box holder hider moving freely.
3. DO NOT forget your own password, or you have no way to get it back.

Warranty Guarantee: 

- 24/7 Customer Service
- 12-Month Replacement Warranty
- 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
Please contact us directly if need any help


  • 🔑 Portable and Compact: It is easy to install and use. You can set the password you like. The 4-digit combination is easy to remember and reset. No need to hide your keys under the carpet, flowerpot, or mat.
  • 🔑 Large Capacity: The box has a large inside space is enough to storage up to 5 keys. You can also alter to storage a car key, credit card, USB thumb drive and so on.
  • 🔑 Wide Applications: The key box can be used in many areas. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use like doorknob, metal fence, railing, emergency entry, vacation home, pet sitters, etc. No tools needed.
  • 🔑 Durable Material: High strength zinc alloy body and hardened steel shackles, offer extra resistance to cutting and sawing. It is harmless to the human body. These construction makes this lock box strong, sturdy, durable and anti-rust.
  • 🔑 High Security: 4 digit combination lock box allows you to set your own combo code with 10000 unique choices. It is more secure than key locks.
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Height0.0126 inches
Length 0.0622 inches
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Width 0.0331 inches

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