ORIGINAL Rice Husk Bento Box (Beige), Durable Material - Free of Chemicals, Plastics and Metals. LEAK FREE, Stackable 2x20fl. Oz compartments.

Store Name: Awdal
Brand: 7100
Color: Beige
Are you tired of lunch boxes that are difficult to carry and leave your food with a weird chemical taste? Then our conveniently designed model will solve your frustrations. Our product is made of rice husk, which is a natural, eco-friendly material. There are no chemical ingredients; it is BPA free and FDA approved. The easy to carry handle is a feature NONE of our competitors has. It has 2 layers but, unlike other models where you must hold the two layers together while sliding them into the strap, ours is designed to attach to the handle. The box comes with a fork, knife, and spoon, and it is microwave and freezer safe. With all these features, it's easy to figure out which lunch box model is right for you.
  • TASTE THE HUSK | Made from eco-friendly, durable, BPA free Rice Husk sourced from the organically grown rice. The Only Rice Husk Bento Box on Amazon!
  • STYLISH AND PORTABLE | With a stackable design and an easy-to-carry handle, Awdal is both spacious and portable. Easily removable straps hold the separate compartments tightly together.
  • NO STAIN, NO SMELL | Chemical Free (no BPA), Eco-Friendly (no Plastic smell), Metal Free (no Rust), and doesn't stain.
  • CUTLERY | Sturdy and durable fork, knife and spoon make the Awdal a perfect addition to the picnic, hiking, camping and general outdoors exploration.
  • SPACIOUS | 2x20fl. Oz compartments make the Awdal surprisingly spacious for its size. The raised lid allows you to pack more for sharing!
Height0.055 inches
Length 0.078 inches
Weight0.0084 pounds
Width 0.043 inches
Height0.0449 inches
Length 0.0803 inches
Weight0.0137 pounds
Width 0.0594 inches

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