Pet Dreamland Hands Free Dog Leash - for Running/Hiking/Dog Training - Heavy Duty Extra Long Bungee Lead - Waist Leashes for Dogs (One Small Dog, Black & Red)

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🔴 ONE WRONG MOVE CAN CAUSE A LIFELONG PROBLEM. Uncontrolled jerks while in the leash can affect your dog's spine, lead to thyroid gland issues or pulmonary edema. While other Hands Free Dog Leashes have one or two bungees, Pet Dreamland Dog Running Leash for Walking has THREE. In any combination you use it - short, medium, long, as a Hands-free Leash or as a classic Dog Leash, your dog will always be protected by at least one bungee, preventing choking or other long term health issues. SO HOW MUCH DO LOVE YOUR DOG?🐾


Bungee Leash: Length: 59" - 76" (untying five knots) | Stretched Length: 70" - 87" | Weight: 6.5 oz | Width: 3/4"

Waist Belt: Length: 27" - 48" | Width: 1" | Weight: 4 oz

Have The Best Dog Leash With The Smartest Design

Probably the smartest part of our Running Leash is the triple bungee cord. Do you know that moment when your dog walks calmly, but, suddenly, it decides to start running like crazy, tugging you along? The elastic will absorb the shock so that the collar won't hurt your dog's neck and the pull will not be too sudden for you.

Are you a night person?

The Dog Elastic Leash helps you out on that. The three seams of luminous reflective stitching that run on both sides of the length of the leash and the belt give you perfect visibility during your evening run with your favourite puppie.

A Strong Leash For Your Small Dog

Dog Leashes are used every day so you need your Body Leash to be extra strong and durable. Like our Tactical Leash: made with the highest quality bungee cords and the strongest D-rings and carabiners.

The Walking Leash will never get ripped up nor break even if your small dog keeps pulling. There is nothing that could ever happen to it.

Get The Dog Leash and try it out! If you are not satisfied, WE WILL GIVE YOU THE MONEY BACK!

Add The Dog Leash To Your Cart NOW!

  • ❓Q: DO YOU HAVE ALSO A LEASH FOR SMALL DOGS? A: 🎉 YES, IT'S FINALLY HERE! Our outstanding and highly appreciated Hands Free Leash has now a model for our little ones. You asked it, we created it! It has the same functionalities and benefits but it's created and designed for small dogs. Your little one will LOVE IT!🐾
  • 🐕 TAKE YOUR WALKS FROM PAIN TO PLEASURE! This Adjustable Hands Free Leash for Small Dog helps you prevent shoulder or wrist injuries and protects your back and your pet's neck from strain. SAVE YOUR BEST FRIEND FROM LIFELONG DANGERS OF IMPROPER LEASHING. Add to your cart a Dog Waist Leash for Running that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!🐾
  • 🐶 IMPROVE DOG HABITS NOW! The three strong and flexible bungee cords will develop your dog lead manners day by day. The two Neoprene padded handles of the Dog Harness for Running will help you control the dog in unexpected situations and your hands will never be sore again! The best seller shock absorbing dog leash!🐾
  • ❤️ DESIGNED BY HUMANS, WITH LOVE FOR PETS. This training leash was built with the help of Hackie, an abandoned 12 lbs adorable dog we took in from the streets. We created this running dog leash focusing on the needs of the dog and on the comfort of the owner. A waist belt dog leash that goes around waist and you'll forget your old way of walking your dog.🐾
  • 👨‍👧 FOR YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY: With its adjustable waist belt the dog running leash for small and medium dogs can be used by active mothers athletes / runners veterans or seniors. SUITED FOR: Dog Running Hiking Cycling Training. Maybe one of the best dog leashes for small dogs, a great dog leash for runners .🐾
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