PetMio Bites - Human Grade Dog Treats, Banana Almond Butter Pumpkin Recipe, Certified Gluten Free, Certified Non-GMO, Grain Free, Healthy, All Natural, & Made In the USA (Single)

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From Pet Lovers. To Pet Lovers.
We began PetMio with the vision of creating amazing products for our pets while making our lives easier as pet parents. We believe our pets are family, so we set out to create PetMio Bites, a breakthrough pet treat made from human-grade ingredients in an FDA-approved human food facility. We’re excited to bring you treats that we are proud to give our pets that meet the standards of our own snacks.
Healthy. Delicious. Human-Grade Dog Treats.

PetMio Bites is one of the few pet treat products that can back the Human-Grade claim. Not only do we exceed pet food industry guidelines, we matched many of the highest levels of human food standards through the ingredients we use and how we make your pet’s treats.

We’re proud to offer you the healthiest dog treats – ever.

Made with only 9 ingredients that are all-natural and human-grade. No artificial flavors, preservatives, colors or additives. Almond Butter, Almond Flour, Honey, Pumpkin, Dried Banana, Egg, Unsweetened Shredded Coconut, Cinnamon, Vitamin E.

Almond Butter:
  - Almond Butter is a nutrient dense food great for pets.
  - Mind and Body Health
  - Great Source of Protein
  - Reduces Risk of Heart Disease
  - Vitamin E: Essential for Muscle, Heart, Skin Health
  - Vitamin B: Promotes a healthy mind for your dog (Improves Brain Function)
  - Calcium & Magnesium: Great source of calcium and Magnesium
  - Potassium: Reduces the risk of heart disease
  - Protein: Protein Rich, high in Amino Acids

  - Pumpkins are great source of fiber and for digestive health
  - Digestive Health
  - Urinary Health
  - Weight Control

  - Bananas are a great source of fat free energy, rich in minerals.
  - Vitamin A: Healthy Skin and Fur
  - Vitamin B: Promotes a healthy mind for your dog (Improves Brain Function)
  - Vitamin C: Immune system boost
  - Potassium: Healthy Heart Carbohydrates: Excellent source of energy for active pets.

  - Eggs are a great source of complete protein for dogs.
  - Easily Digestible Protein
  - Excellent source of Amino Acids
  - Healthy Fats for Energy and Coat Health
  - Great for Sensitive Stomachs
  - Rich in Vitamin A, B6, B12 and Selenium

  - Great Source of Fiber
  - Improves Digestive Health
  - Great source of healthy fats and energy

Avoid upset stomachs and pet food related allergies that can arise from grain based ingredients.

No genetically modified ingredients. Everything as nature intended.

Made with only the best ingredients and with plenty of love in Clearwater, Florida.


Our products will never contain any artificial ingredients, artificial preservatives (nasty chemicals) to artificially increase shelf-life, artificial flavors to trick your pup into eating animal products that smell like bacon, or artificial additives or fillers to make the treats cheaper.

If you treat your pup infrequently, or live in a humid climate, we recommend refrigerating the treats after opening, simply as a precaution.  While not necessary, it will definitely make them last longer so you can have more special moments with your pup.

If you have any issues or questions, please contact us FIRST at [email protected]

Happy treating! :)

  • Delicious banana almond butter pumpkin gourmet recipe
  • Grain free, gluten free, wheat free, non GMO, no preservatives, all natural human grade ingredients
  • Premium natural soft and Moist chewy treats. No fillers, bones, or by-products
  • Great for puppy, puppies, adult, senior dogs. Ideal for toy, teacup, small, Medium, and Large dogs!
  • Made in a USA-based FDA human food facility to ensure the highest possible quality standards
  • Promotes skin and coat health, eye Health, healthy digestion, and a health immune system
  • Full of healthy vitamins and minerals for optimal health and happiness
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