Prima Taste Singapore Kebab Satay Sauce Kit, 9.7-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 4)

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Brand: Prima Taste
The birth of Prima Taste was the result of a courageous belief in the popularity of Singapore food, the passion to deliver authentic easy-to-prepare Singapore cuisine without compromise, the spirit of innovation to venture where none have gone before and the drive to overcome difficult challenges. Prima Taste’s mission is to bring authentic, great tasting and easy-to-prepare Singapore cuisine to people all over the world. Made with only the best ingredients, the distinctive rich flavors of Prima Taste gourmet creations are loved by Singaporeans and people the world over. Over the years, Prima Taste aimed to create Singapore cuisine that was not only great tasting but also healthier. Prima Taste food products contain no MSG added, no artificial coloring or preservatives; sugar, salt and fat are reduced. Other natural ingredients are added to maintain the authentic taste Singapore hawker food in a wholesome way. Wherever possible, wholegrain, multigrain or whole wheat flour are used. Basmati Rice, which is low in glycemic index is used in Prima Taste’s Ready meals with added fibre and probiotics. Today, the distinctive rich flavors of Prima Taste gourmet creations like Laksa, Nonya curry and Chili Crab are loved by Singaporeans and people the world over. Prima Taste is sold in more than 40 countries, and is the “must have” product for any Singaporean who is out of the country for an extended period. Prima Taste products are packaged in “genie in a pouch” for the domestic goodness to assure healthy quality ingredients in a convenient all-in-one pack. Prima Taste’s unwavering passion and uncompromising commitment has made it synonymous with convenient great tasting healthy Singapore food.
  • All Natural and Authentic
  • Ready-toCook Sauce Kit
  • Mild Flavor
  • Product of Singapore
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