RIELD 16-Piece Stainless Steel Flatware Set, Blue Utensils Silverware Cutlery Set Service for 4, Dishwasher Safe

Store Name: RIELD
Brand: RIELD
Color: Blue 16-Piece Flatware Set
Haven't got something unique in your kitchen since a long time? Then this stainless steel set is a perfect buy for you. This 16-Piece Flatware Set includes 4 dinner knives of 9.1 inches, 4 dinner forks of 7.9 inches, 4 dinner spoons which are 7.9 inches each and 4 teaspoons of 5.3 inches. Perfect combination for parties, camping, picnics or for use at home. Because of its packaging and choice of 7 colours; the price of this product is much affordable than other products of this category.

Dishwasher Safe
When it comes to cleaning then these utensils are easy to wash and are dish washer safe. The forks, knives, spoons keep on shining after every wash and proves to be the best quality stainless steel set. Since it's easy to wash these utensils; it saves your time and energy.

High Quality
This is a high-quality cutlery set. The stainless steel set can also be given as a gift to others as it assures good quality steel and of course different colours make this cutlery set a great present and an attractive one too.

Finely Polished Stainless Steel
Our silverware has finely polished edges; round and smooth with no rough spots. Perfectly polished serrated dinner knives for easy cutting of food; Sharp fork teeth, no burrs; Thickened stainless steel, full of texture, great 'feel' in your hand and can be held comfortably by anyone. This flatware set has proper thickness which assures the durability of the product. It is mirror finished for easy cleaning.

Unique Design
It has a simple appearance with an eye-catching design; the classic design is ready to fit any kitchen tableware. Whether you need it for some special occasion; to keep it in your kitchen with some different cutlery, or if you just want to try your first pickup of stainless steel cutlery, this will cover you. Indeed, it is beautifully created and leaves an impressive impact on its users.

  • 16-PIECE ESSENTIAL FLATWARE SET - service for 4, includes 4 dinner forks,4 dinner knives, 4 dinner spoons, and 4 tea spoons
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - made of high quality corrosion and oxidation resistant stainless steel for utility and strength, best choice in kitchen cutlery, dishwasher safe
  • CLASSIC DESIGN - elegant and simple design tableware for daily use or special occasions, perfect for home use, office, restaurant, friend gathering, camping, wedding...
  • CRAFTSMANSHIP - finely polished edge, round and smooth; finely polished serrated dinner knives for easy cutting of food; sharp fork teeth, no burrs; thickened stainless steel, full of texture, great 'feel' in your hand; mirror finished surface for easy cleaning
  • COLOR VARIATION - one can choose up to 7 colors while purchasing this flatware set; the colours included are silver, gold, black, blue, purple, rose gold and rainbow color; you can pick up a color you love the best
Height0.02 inches
Length 0.111 inches
Weight0.0002 pounds
Width 0.066 inches
Height0.021 inches
Length 0.11 inches
Weight0.019 pounds
Width 0.067 inches

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