STABLE-PADS Rubber, Non-Slip, Anti-Walk, Anti-Vibration Pads for Washer & Dryer. Perfect for Vibration Isolation & Noise Reduction On Washing Machine & Dryer Appliances | Fits All Models

Color: Black
✜ Premium Anti-Vibration Foot Pads For Washer & Dryer

Use these specially designed rubber pads under the feet of your washing machine or dryer to reduce machine vibration, noise, and machine walking / skidding.

Everyone's experienced that annoying, loud vibration the washer or dryers make during spin cycle. Or how about the washing machine "dancing" around and skidding on the floor? Finally, there's an affordable easy fix to solve all of these unwanted problems.

✜ Universal Size Fits Most Washer & Dryers

These anti-vibration pads are created with a specifically designed cavity for your washing machine or dryer feet to sit in that keeps them in place and fits most washer & dryers. Your purchase comes with a 100% GURANTEE OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

✜ Unique Micro-Grip Traction Design

Look on the bottom of your favorite sneakers. Are they smooth? Odds are they have a special traction pattern. The same research was used on the bottom of these washing machine vibration pads so that they don't slip on any type of flooring. Eliminate the damage to your floor and walls.

✜ Highest Quality, Longest-Lasting

Have you noticed how long rubber tires are lasting these days? Some are rated over 75,000 miles! That's because the material research into rubber has advanced a great deal over the recent years. These appliance anti-vibration pads utilize the same advancement in rubber technology; with high Shore rubber hardness, compressibility, and resilience. Engineering of all of these characteristics is necessary to properly dampen the vibrations exhibited by washer & dryers - especially during their spin cycle. We guarantee you will be happy with the performance of this highest-quality rubber.

✜ Get Some Peace & Quiet

Finally, there's an easy fix to dampen the noise from your washer and dryer. We offer FREE SHIPPING & MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! Don't wait - give these a try today!
  • ENGINEERED FLOOR TRACTION DESIGN - Advanced, non-slip gripping design keeps your washer or dryer stable and quiet on any type of flooring without the need for adhesives. Our unique micro-grip pattern ensures your machine will not "walk".
  • IMPROVED, DEPENDABLE ANTI-VIBRATION - Utilizes the latest material research in high Shore hardness rubber to ensure that vibrations are absorbed and not transferred to the floor. We have created a truly premium rubber anti vibration pad for washing machines and dryers.
  • DAMPENS NOISE ON LOUD WASHERS AND DRYERS - Precision rubber compression and resilience dampen the vibration - eliminating that annoying, screeching noise from unstable machines.
  • ELIMINATES WASHER WALKING/SKIDDING - No more machine walking or skidding thanks to the gripping pattern and specially designed tensile modulus of these high quality rubber vibration pads.
  • SUPERIOR MATERIALS - Commercial grade quality, constructed from a proprietary blend of hard durometer rubber to produce a long-lasting, high-performing pad for your appliance. 100% Guarantee or Your Money Back!
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