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When the kids get about 6 years old, their teeth is getting deciduous (the specific time varies from kids). When your kids teeth are falling, do not forget to keep these cute teeth to record a good memory. Using our teeth box can help you stay this memory, which shall be cherished and thanked for by all family in the future.
Here are some tips when handling baby teeth:
1. Sterilize extracted teeth: Put the extracted baby tooth in boiling water for around five minutes.
2. Dry teeth naturally: The sterilized teeth should be put in a place with good ventilation.
3. Keep a record: Write down related information and put baby teeth inside the box (you can add some cotton into the spots).
Note: For the different environment of the wood, there is some smell of wood but not the harmful gas. You can put it in a place with good ventilation before using it.
Package: 1x Baby Teeth Box
  • Corrosion-Resistant and Durable: Made of 100% wood, for long-time tooth storage
  • Nice Memorable Keepsake: Spots for all baby teeth, the umbilical cord and lanugo
  • Mini and Cute Case Design: Lovely boy and girl cartoon exterior, especially for kids to keep
  • Perfect for Memory: You can write the baby personal profile to keep track of every moment of your kids
  • Ideal Gift for Family: Best Souvenir Case for baby shower and birthday party
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