Stud Finder, AGPTEK 4 in 1 Multi Function Electronic Stud Sensor Finders Wall Scanner with LCD Display To Locate the Wooden Beams, Metal Pipes, AC Wires Etc

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The stud finder has total 4 scanning modes, such as stud scanning mode, deep scanning mode, metal scanning mode and AC scanning mode, which can detect wood, metal studs, metal materials and AC wires etc. And each of them is respectively up to 0.75 inches, 1.5 inches, 2.36 inches and 2 inches.

There is a large LCD display of this stud finder and together with a sound warning feature for detecting the accurate location of the objects. The closer the target is, the louder the sound warning will be. In this way, it can help you quickly find the location of the objects hidden in the wall. Thus, it saves the user time and efforts as well.

It is very easy to use this product. You can just turn on the stud finder and put it on the wall for calibrating automatically. When completing it, you will hear a beep sound and see the screen display disappeared. The prior automatic calibration provides users with a maximum reliability and accuracy. 


4 in 1 Modes
Large LCD Display & Sound Warning Trait
Quickly Locate the Targets
Automatic Calibration Function
User-Friendly Design
Easy to Operate


Material: ABS Plastic
Color: Orange + Black
Battery Supply: 9 V


1* Stud Finder

  • ◆ 4 IN 1 MODES: Stud scanning mode and deep scanning mode can detect the wood or metal stud that hidden in the wall respectively up to 0.75 inches and 1.5 inches; Metal materials even up to 2.36 inches can still be easily detected by metal scanning mode. AC alternating current, of which, the wires are non-shielded can also be detected from the hidden wall up to 2 inches.
  • ◆ LCD DISPLAY WITH SOUND WARNING TRAIT: This type of stud finder sensor possess a large LCD display and a sound warning features, which can easily and quickly detect the accurate location of the objects. A sound warning will happen when the wall stud finder approaches to the target. Under Stud scanning mode, there will be a strong power warning if encountering wires.
  • ◆ AUTOMATIC CALIBRATION FUNCTION: There is an automatic calibration function of this electronic stud finder. All you have to do is to place the stud finder on the wall to calibrate automatically and then the BEEP sound and screen display will gradually disappear. Besides, the stud finder will flicker and beep when sensing the edge of the stud.
  • ◆ USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: This kind of metal stud finder can be fixed from any angle and it can quickly locate the objects in the hidden wall of the house, like wooden things, including beams and joists in drywall, metal materials containing pipes, rebars, aluminum and cooper and AC wires etc. which can help you avoid potential danger when installing television, closet, garage rack etc.
  • ◆ 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We do value our customers and hope you will enjoy a pleasant shopping experience. We offer you one-year warranty guarantee and friendly customer service. If you are not totally satisfied with our products, you feel free to contact us for a refund or other resolutions.
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