Stud Finder Wall Scanner - 3 in 1 Electric Multi Function Wall Detector Finders with Digital LCD Display, Center Finding Stud Sensor & Sound Warning for Studs/Wood/Metal/Live AC Wires Detection

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Store Name: VIVREAL
Color: Black
The multi-scanner stud finder is an extremely ideal tool for construction, electricians, masons, carpenters, homeowners, and others who need reliable detection.
The stud finder wall scanner has four scanning modes in total : Stud Scan, Deep Mode, Metal Scan and AC Scan, which offers you wide choices to select your desired mode when it comes to various tasks. Due to the multi-mode detection and portability, the users can apply the stud finder wall detector to wide use. You can work on different wall surfaces, such as lath, wallpaper, wood flooring, acoustic ceiling, painted walls and more.

The greatest advantage of VIVREAL multi-scanner stud finder lies in its fast and simple detection. After selecting your desired mode, simply press the button on the left side of stud finder wall detector, you can quickly and accurately identify the wood and metal studs, copper and steel pipe, rebar, or wiring hidden behind the walls. It really saves you quantities of time and makes your detection experience more interesting and productive.

In addition, VIVREAL wall scanner detector also gives you many audible and visible cues when any objects detected, which helps you to find the exact location of variety of materials. The bright graphical LED display shows the Read-Outs of detection mode, signal strength, automatic calibration, battery indication with maximum readability. These smart features all make the stud finder wall scanner compact and durable.

1. Hold the stud finder properly and move it slowly in one direction to obtain the optimum scanning results.
2. Avoid placing your other hand, or any other part of your body on the surface being scanned, which will interfere with the performance of the scanner
3. Make sure that the surfaces you scan are flat and have been fully dried out.
4. Take care when working near the electrical wires and always turn off the power supply.
  • FOUR TASK-DEPENDENT SCANNING MODES - Switch to desired mode as necessary. STUD SCAN is used for finding and locating the center and edges of wood or metal studs up to ¾ in (19mm) deep; DEEP SCAN is used for scanning deeper walls with a thickness up to 1½ in (38mm); METAL SCAN for locating and detecting metal (such as ½ inch rebar) up to approximately. 2¼ in (60mm) deep; and AC SCAN for locating live AC wires up to 2 in (51mm) deep.
  • GRAPHICAL LCD DISPLAY - This display indicates many cues in detection, such as detection mode, signal strength, automatic calibration, and battery indication, all with maximum readability. The Low Battery Indicator icon displays when the battery level is getting low, reminding you to replace a brand new 9-Volt battery in time.
  • SIMPLE AND FAST - The stud finder wall scanner can QUICKLY LOCATE the edges and center of metal studs, pipes, rebar, joists behind walls, floors and ceilings as well as live AC wires. Fast detection saves users time and effort, making the task completion EASIER.
  • BEEP SIGNAL ALERT SOUND WARNING - When the wall scanner has detected an object, it will beep continually. The big sound warning together with the LCD screen helps detect the most accurate location of the objects. Then a target indication bar will be displayed on the graphical LCD display screen. You can use a pencil to then mark the location of the object on the wall. The audible and visible cues reliably keep users informed for when any object, such as any metal, studs, and AC live wiring get f
  • AUTOMATIC CALIBRATION - The wall detector stud finder will AUTOMATICALLY CALIBRATE ITSELF when it is turned on. The calibration is done by positioning the device on the wall where there are no wood studs, AC wires, or, metal. The stud finder will indicate whether it has been already calibrated or not. The automatic calibration is accurate and precise, providing users with maximum reliability, greatly reducing errors in application and makes sure that most objects behind the wall can be detected.
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