Tip n Split Magnifier, Light, Tip Calculator, Bill Splitter

Category: Electronics
Store Name: Tip 'n Split
Brand: Tip n Split
Color: Cool Grey
Can't read the small print on the menu or bill? Restaurant is too dark? Stressed about figuring out the tip or splitting the bill? No READING GLASSES NECESSARY! Tip or split your bill in seconds! The perfect companion for dinner, Tip 'n Split helps you easily calculate the tip or split the bill with your fellow diners. Great Mother's Day gift for Mom and Grandma!This clever device is ideal for individuals who have difficulty reading a menu or bill in dark restaurants. The handheld, pocket-sized device is easy to carry and features a compact and lightweight design. It is easier to use than a cell phone app because it combines a magnifier with light and a tip calculator. The 2x5 magnifying lens and built-in LED light make it easy for baby boomers and seniors to read the menu or bill without distracting other patrons in the restaurant. When the bill comes, the built-in calculating feature helps to easily calculate tips or split the bill evenly if the group wants to pay separately. The invention fits perfectly in a pocket or purse and is super lightweight. "When I go out to eat, I can never read the bill or menu, The writing is too small and the restaurant is often too dark. Most of my friends have the same problem. We pass around reading glasses or look for a candle." BUILT-IN MAGNIFIER AND LIGHT SOLVE THESE PROBLEMS. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suG3DOlOStM
  • Built in 2x5 magnifying lens
  • Illuminate the menu or bill with the LED backlight.
  • Helps you calculate the tip or split the bill in seconds.
  • All in one, no apps necessary, no wifi needed
  • Great gift for Mom,Dad,Grandma,Grandpa Your elderly loved ones will thank you when you gift them this handy device that gives them independence when dining. They won't have to ask you to read the menu for them! Treat your loved ones to an amazing gift today - They will love you for it!
Height0.0425 inches
Length 0.026 inches
Weight0.0015 pounds
Width 0.0037 inches
Height0.0091 inches
Length 0.072 inches
Weight0.0015 pounds
Width 0.0402 inches

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