Tovolo King Cube Ice Mold Tray, Long Lasting Sturdy Silicone, Fade-Resistant, 2 Inch Cubes, Candy Apple Red

Category: Kitchen
Store Name: Tovolo
Brand: Tovolo
Color: Candy Apple
For a unique way to keep drinks chilled, try the King Cube ice tray from Tovolo. Fabricated from red silicone, this tray creates six large, two-inch cubes. These generously sized cubes melt more slowly than traditional crushed or cubed ice, which means your drinks will stay cold longer with less dilution. The flexible silicone material makes it easy to pop out the cubes when they're ready, and a wide rim ensures that you can confidently fill and carry a full tray. Dishwasher safe, this versatile tray can also be used to freeze much more than just ice, such as frozen juice pops, applesauce, leftover broth, or individual portions of homemade baby food.6-1/5" L x 4-2/5" W x 2" H
  • Creates extra-large 2-inch square, slow melting ice cubes.
  • A must-have for cooling bar drinks, pitchers, punch or any beverage; jumbo size reduces dilution
  • Multiple uses in the kitchen - perfect size for freezing and storing one-serving portions of leftover juice, wine, sauce, baby food or creating frozen treats
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe durable food-grade silicone allows easy removal of just one or two cubes at a time
  • Brightly colored tray measures 6.25 x 4.35 x 2 inches and creates 6 extra-large square cubes
Height0.02 inches
Length 0.0625 inches
Weight0.003 pounds
Width 0.0435 inches
Height0.023 inches
Length 0.079 inches
Weight0.0035 pounds
Width 0.053 inches

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