Unigear Gun Bore Cleaner Barrel Snake for Rifle Pistol Shotgun, Brushes Included (Choose Your Caliber) (.38 Cal)

Category: Misc.
Store Name: Unigear
Brand: Unigear
Color: .38 Cal
Advantages of using bore cleaning kits
1. Cleans in one quick pass
2. Solvent safe, machine washable & reusable hundreds of times
3. Copper brush detaches from rope portion for easy and safe cleaning of rope
5. Brass weight is stamped with gauge or caliber for easy identification
6. Lightweight and compact, it's easy to take to even the most remote hunting destination
Easy to Use
- Apply favorite bore cleaning solvent to copper brush
- Add favorite gun lubricant a few inches from end of cleaning rope
- Drop brass weighted cord down the unloaded barrel of the gun
- Pull cord through the barrel and the rest will follow
- After heavy use, remove rope portion and toss into the washing machine for cleaning
1X Gun Cleaning Rope
1X Cotton brush
  • Save Time: Throw away rod, brush and patch, Fastest Gun Bore Cleaner, 50% more brush cleaning power than the original gun snake
  • Detachable Brush: The copper brush is detachable to clean component
  • Easy to Use: The brass-weight on the end of the cord is stamped with the bore size and slips easily down the barrel; The cleaning rope has no exposed metal to damage the rifling or crown of your barrel
  • Design: The gun cleaning kits are unmatched in quality and design. Faster, Cleaner, period
  • Multiple Choices: Multiple short brushes embedded in the floss pass easily through the shortest action or port (choose your caliber)
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Length 0 inches
Weight0 pounds
Width 0 inches
Height0.015 inches
Length 0.07 inches
Weight0.0015 pounds
Width 0.04 inches

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