U.S. Art Supply Jewelescent 24 Color Set of Mica Pearl Powder Pigment in 9 Gram Shaker Bottles - Cosmetic Grade, Non-Toxic Metallic Color Dye Kit - Paint, Epoxy, Resin, Soap, Slime Making, Makeup, Art

Store Name: U.S. Art Supply
Brand: U.S. Art Supply
  • 24 UNIQUE COLORS: A rainbow of 24 unique eye-catching Jewelescent Dry Mica Pearl Powder Pigment colors in 9 gram shaker bottles (7.5 ounces of color in total). Includes these 24 brilliant colors: Interference gold, red, violet, blue, green plus Vegas gold, copper penny, vintage wine, coffee brown, olive, lemon zest, true red, plum crazy, magenta, royal blue, Hawaiian blue, green forest, aqua, peacock teal, saffron orange, midnight black, pewter gray, luster white and vivid jade.
  • ULTRA PREMIUM MICA PEARL: Premium professional grade cosmetic mica powder that's a safe, non-toxic, inert powdered pigment that's highly colorfast and will not tarnish or fade. The ultra fine mica powder particle size is 10 to 60 microns, which is small enough to be able to used for silk screening or to go through an airbrush. These powders can be mixed with just about any medium and applied to most surfaces to create depth, shine, shimmering pearlescents and much more!
  • UNLIMITED USES: Jewelescent mica pearl powder pigment may be mixed into many mediums such as paint, epoxy resin, glue or paste to create a pearlescent or metallic finish. It's also ideal for soap making, bath bombs, slime, candles, cosmetics, makeup, exterior, interior, epoxy, latex, floor coatings, art paints, watercolors, oils, acrylics, varnish, automotive, nail polish, DIY crafts and more!
  • CREATE UNIQUE SOAPS or COLORFUL KIDS SLIME: Use our premium mica powder to make bright colored unique shimmering soaps and soap bombs, as the colors hold true in the cold and hot process. Create amazing bright colored sparkling slime by adding a small amount of mica powder. Slime, kids and fun all go together, as all kids love making, playing and experimenting with Slime!
  • RISK FREE PURCHASE - 100% LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: You can purchase our products with confidence. If you're not happy with them at any time, we'll provide a full replacement or refund. U.S. Art Supply, a global industry leader in Art Supplies.
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