Viva Naturals Pure Astaxanthin 4mg, 120 Softgels

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Astaxanthin (it's pronounced asta-ZAN-thin) is a red, plant-based pigment found in algae (the pure form is called H. pluvialis). It's a powerful free radical-fighter that's part of the carotenoid family (like beta-carotene). Astaxanthin supports your body in just about as many ways as it has letters in its name: It's great for your eye, skin, immune and heart health, and it gives your cells the antioxidant protection they need as you age.* Click Add to Cart now to see what our soy-free, high potency astaxanthin 4 mg softgels can do for you.

Where is it sourced from?
The natural astaxanthin in our softgels is extracted from an algae called H. pluvialis that's grown in Arizona ponds. The ponds get plenty of sun (the algae makes astaxanthin to protect its own cells from UV rays and oxidation), and are carefully monitored for purity.Do you use any chemical solvents or preservatives?
No. Viva Naturals Astaxanthin is non-synthetic, and is extracted using a process called supercritical extraction. This unique method uses carbon dioxide to separate out the astaxanthin extract, rather than heat or harsh chemicals. Plus, our softgels are non-GMO and don't contain artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Astaxanthin Best Uses:
  • Provides antioxidant protection against cell-damaging free radicals*
  • Promotes overall eye health, and provides vision support*
  • Supports skin hydration and elasticity*
  • Supports immune function and heart health*

  • Looking for a wellness boost? Our astaxanthin supplement makes it simple. With just one 4 mg softgel a day, it can give your health some wide-ranging support.*
  • HELPS KEEP EYES HEALTHY AS YOU AGE* - It's a big plus for many fans of astaxanthin (a deep-red algae extract that gives shrimp and lobster their color): Studies in people taking 6 mg daily showed that it not only promotes eye health overall, but it gives your vision support, too (and ours has twice that amount).
  • POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANT PROTECTION* - Antioxidants help defend your cells against the damaging free radicals we face daily from pollution, stress and more. And when it comes to antioxidant protection, astaxanthin packs a punch: it's 10x stronger than beta-carotene!
  • SUPPORTS HEALTHY-LOOKING SKIN* - Not only does astaxanthin scavenge free radicals to help protect your skin cells, it's also been shown to help keep your skin firm and hydrated, too.
  • SUPPORTS HEART HEALTH & IMMUNE FUNCTION* - The benefits aren't just skin deep! Research shows that taking at least 4 mg of astaxanthin can give your cardiovascular system a hand every day, and help keep your body's natural defense system working as it should.
  • HIGH POTENCY & ARIZONA-GROWN - Each Viva Naturals Astaxanthin softgel features 4 mg of natural astaxanthin, extracted from a microalgae called Haematococcus pluvialis without using heat or harsh chemicals. One a day is all you need! They're also non-GMO, and free of artificial preservatives and soy (that's because they're made with olive oil, not soybean oil).
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