WaterLuu Cheat Sheet Magnets, Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker Cook Time Quick Reference Guide Fridge Magnet Charts, Instapot Accessories Sticker Decal | Large& Legible Fonts - 2 Disparate Sheets

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Brand: WaterLuu
Color: muticolor
Over 70 dishes' cook times are shown on the 2 magnetic cheat sheet. Just stick them to refrigerator doors or pressure cooker, like Instant Pot.
Sheet A include chicken, livestock, beef and pork.
Sheet B include vegetables, rice, beans and seafood.

* The cup icon means 250ml volumetric liquid, which would be kinds of sauce or pure water.
In the Rice&Grains colume, the cup icon value means the ratio value to the Grain.
In the Beans&Legumes colume, the cup icon means water added to cover the food.
* The snowflake icon mean how much extra cooking time needed if food is frozen.

Size: 10.2 X 6.3 inch

Quantity: 2 different magnets included.
  • ✔Easy Reference: Most dishes for beef, pork, chicken, vegetables, beans, seafood and more display on the 2 sheets. You would easily get access to their cook time, relevant food amount, cooking temperatures and a certain proportion of liquid.
  • ✔Easy To Read: The fonts on the sheet are more clear than other brand, layout is clear on the space of 10.2 X 6.3 inch.
  • ✔Great Gift: The illustrated cook time guide is inserted in pictures and text, which would be Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas or your families and friends' present.
  • ✔Strong Magnets: The back magnet pad makes the cookbook adhere to refrigerator, range hood, pot and other clear metal surfaces firmly; you also stick the cheat sheets onto non-magnetic cabinet doors or range hood with some double-side glue tape.
  • ✔Against Heat & Water: WaterLuu cook guide is covered with membrane and magnet pad is made of withy vinyl.
Height0.006 inches
Length 1.224 inches
Weight0 pounds
Width 0.756 inches
Height0.001 inches
Length 0.1025 inches
Weight0.004 pounds
Width 0.0625 inches

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