Whiteboard, AGPtEK 6 Packs Dry Ease Board Size 12" × 9", Double Sided Whiteboard for Education & Entertainment with 6 × Felt Erasers and Markers & 6 × Pen Clips

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Color: White

The double sided white board that we use is MDF material, usually called as medium density fiberboard, which is made from wood and then compacted together with glue. It also produces a longevity as well as a smooth and flat surface that it is not easy to damage when painting on it.

There is a small but powerful portable felt-covered eraser that can easily remove anything you write or draw on the board and thus, keeping your whiteboard clean and tidy. Moreover, it can be used repeatedly without needing any papers and hence, it will play a role in protecting the environment without cutting more trees in forest.

The large blank surface of each whiteboard provides people with more space to write or draw, like in a interactive teaching, it can be used in mathematics calculating, words spelling, formal writing and even used in business conference, field sketch, rough draft and children's doodling etc.



  1. Smooth & Flat Material
  2. Easy to Operate
  3. Double-Sided Design
  4. Repeated Use & Eco-Friendly
  5. Convenience of Use
  6. Wide Application


Material: MDF
Product Size: Length: 12" Width: 9"

6* Double Sided Whiteboard
6*Marker Pens
6* Pen Clips
6* Felt Erasers

  • ✔ H-Q MATERIAL: The material of this whiteboard we refer to it as MDF, which is a type of composite wood product. Due to its soft and impact resistance and high strength, the surface of this density board is so smooth and flat that you can draw pictures on it without a hitch and it is not easy to break or damage under normal circumstances.
  • ✔ EASY TO OPERATE: This dry easy board has a double-sided layout. When you have written or drawn all over one side of the whiteboard, you can just turn and flip the board to the other side to use it again. With this compact design, you can just hold it on your hands or put in on your lap.
  • ✔ REUSABLE & ECO-FRIENDLY DESIGN: The portable felt-covered eraser that we provide has a powerful function though it looks like small. It can ensure that your whiteboard is kept clean and tidy which enables you to use it over and over again without using extra papers.
  • ✔ CONVENIENCE OF USE & WIDE APPLICATION: Compared to other ways of drawing, like pigments, chalk, graffiti on the wall, blurry of the magnetic drawing board, oversized blackboard etc. this type of whiteboard is easy to use and make the drawings look clear and keep your hands clean. It is widely used in class teaching, business work, filed sketch, rough draft and children's doodling etc.
  • ✔ PACKAGE INCLUDES: We offer you a complete set of drawing board tools by containing 6 * double sided whiteboard, 6* felt erasers ,6 * marker pens and 6 * pen clips. If you are not totally satisfied with our products, you feel free to contact us for a refund or other resolutions.
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